Review Highlights


“Holds your attention from page 1. Easy plot to follow with unexpected twists and turns. You develop a sense of hope that Jason fills the void in his life. Justice served in the end, however.”

“Held my interest from beginning to end. The characters were all believable. The plot had an ending that was surprising. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a mystery with a second ending that made as much sense as the first one. Kind of like you think it’s over but it’s not. The best part of this story is the main character, Detective Jason Chance. He’s a man with heart and problems like all of us: a typical 16 year-old daughter, concerns over parenting, a partner with a dying wife and a great friendship with his ex-partner. Yet throughout it all, he never lost sight of the case.”

“The dichotomy that is Los Angeles is an underlying theme that author, Griffith, executes flawlessly as it relates to fame, power and the city itself. This Lonely Town is the beginning of what promises to be a hugely addicting crime series. I can’t wait for the next installment!”

“From the beginning I loved this book! Scenes going through my head were of a Humphrey Bogart or William Holden committed to solving crime. The characters are excellent & the dialogue was never stilted or false. I read throughout the day because I couldn’t put it down.”

“Jason Chance is a cut above the usual hard nosed detective found in crime thrillers. He has empathy, expresses his feelings, and refuses to let go until the complete truth is out. The plot was involved, intricate, and kept me guessing right to the end.”


“If you like thrillers, Griffith has written one that will keep you on edge from start to finish. The Forgotten Place races forward with fascinating twists and turns and unfolds like one of your worst nightmares, only in this case the nightmare is being lived by the protagonist, Jimmy Connor. Definitely a fun and compelling read.”

“Highly recommended… Suspense filled with twists and turns, unpredictable until the end. Didn’t want to see it end. A really nice work from Griffith. Warrants a sequel.”

“From its very first page The Forgotten Place owns you. The outside world disappears as you are completely taken captive by Jimmy Connor’s nightmare. You will forget to breathe. Your heart will beat faster or sometimes it will just stop completely as you take this wild ride on the edge of a cliff – the ground crumbling beneath you. And afterwards, when you’ve white knuckled it to the end and you try to remember what it feels like to breathe normally, you tell yourself that if you receive an invite to your high school reunion – you may think twice about going. If you are a Dennis Lehane fan, you will love the feel of The Forgotten Place – and if you are a fan of the mystery/thriller genre – dive in now!”


“Oh! What a story! Nerve wracking suspense that kept me reading. Liked Chris in spite of all the troubles. Better not say anymore and give away the ending. Well worth sitting up all night to finish.”

“Outrageously entertaining. Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘can’t put it down.’ Read this in one sitting and enjoyed every minute spent reading. However it should come with a warning, ‘Be prepared to lose sleep turning page after page long into the night!!!!!!’ Highly recommend.”

“From the very first couple of pages I was hooked. The writing is sharp and compelling. The characters were well-drawn and I loved that most of the story took place in LA, with interesting locations. I read the book in two days, couldn’t put it down. Loved the twists and turns. This is for anyone who loves a good mystery.”

“A great read! A truly suspenseful cat-and-mouse tale, a neat take on the Faustian legend, a gimlet-eyed look at the movie business and fan worship, and especially, a terrific psychological thriller, pitting an irreparably corrupt soul bound for perdition against a man with a dark, broken heart who eventually finds the light.”