A Darkness That Blinds

Title: A Darkness That Blinds
Series: The Jason Chance Novels #2
Published by: Dark Street Press
Release Date: October 5, 2018
Pages: 290
ISBN13: 978-1726813037


The second Jason Chance novel (previously released as THIS SECRET TOWN) is a gripping excursion into the seediest, deadliest corners of L.A., a mystery of hardboiled suspense at its most intense. Investigates the murder of his partner and best friend, Ben Atkins, Jason uncovers an underworld of perversion and evil linked to a private sex club that offers twisted fantasy-fulfillment to the Hollywood elite. The club is run by a pair of dangerous and devious psychopaths who will stop at nothing to protect their clients and business. The closer Jason gets to the truth, the more dangerous the stakes become—not just threatening him, but everyone and everything he loves. 

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