This Lonely Town

Title: This Lonely Town (Jason Chance Book 1)
Series: The Jason Chance Novels #1
Published by: Dark Street Press
Release Date: August 4, 2014
Pages: 298
ISBN13: 978-1973312437


This Lonely Town is a riveting mystery that plunges the reader into the dark heart of Los Angeles. Nora Lord, a rock superstar whose reckless, self-destructive actions were as famous as her music, is found dead in the bathtub of her suite at the hipster boutique hotel, The Sunset Club, from an overdose of Xanax and red wine. Jason Chance, a lonely, haunted LA Sheriff's homicide detective, as passionate about rock and roll as he is dedicated to his job, grabs up the case. On the surface, her death looks like an accident or possible suicide. But Jason isn't buying it. As he digs deeper into the last tragic days of Nora's life, he follows a bloody trail that takes him from the raucous Sunset Strip to dark East Hollywood streets, and on to the protected enclaves of Newport Beach and Pasadena, clashing with his partner and his bosses, and uncovering a web of obsession, corruption, blackmail, and murder. This Lonely Town pulsates with all the urgency and danger of the City of Angels, racing toward a climax you won't see coming.

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